Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Goodbye, Senator Pearce!

This week, Boss Hogg wannabe, Russell Pearce was defeated in a recall election in Mesa, Arizona. You may remember him as the Godfather of SB1070, Arizona’s anti-immigration, anti-Latino bill. Thing is, he doesn’t deserve credit for writing the bill; only attaching his name to it and bullying it through the Arizona legislature.

One of the few things for which Pearce actually deserves credit is corruption and increased political devisiveness in Arizona. Yet, after the election returns were counted showing that he was defeated despite a litany of dirty tricks, Pearce was unapologetic. In a statement televised locally, he said, “If being recalled is the price for keeping one’s promises, so be it.”

Promises? Pearce didn’t promise anything. Promise is a term of hope. That hardly describes any of Pearce’s loathesome actions.

As former Chief Deputy for the self-proclaimed “nation’s toughest sheriff,” Pearce takes credit for having created “Tent City,” a Maricopa County jail located in the desert where prisoners are denied air conditioning despite 100+ degree temperatures and are served baloney sandwiches for every meal.

As President of the State Senate, Pearce not only unabashedly took $40,000 worth of free trips and football tickets from the Fiesta Bowl committee. He balanced the state’s budget on the backs of children and the poor. He demanded drastic cuts in education, while giving money to big business. He closed state parks in a state that depends on tourism. He drove tens of thousands of Latinos from Arizona further depressing the state’s economy. He fought to allow guns on school campus.  He challenged the 14th Amendment and President Obama’s birthplace. And he pushed for bills that would cement the Teapublican stranglehold on state politics for generations.

But despite the embarrassment of being the first Arizona legislator, and the first Senate president, to be recalled, Pearce vows a comeback. And if he’s ever successful, one suspects he’ll raise devisiveness and the corruption of power to entirely new levels.