Teapublican Lie #24.

“Private schools perform better than public schools.”

Indeed, many Teapublicans consider public schools to be a form of socialism. They believe public schools exist only to indocrinate our children in such “liberal” concepts as evolution. They believe public schools are anti-religious. They believe that only private and parochial schools are willing to teach our children the truth. Some even believe that home-schooling is the only way to prevent their children from being exposed to evil (aka science).

And they rationalize this lunacy by convincing themselves that students in private schools out-perform those in the humble public schools.

Unfortunately, they are wrong.

According to a report entitled Multiple Choice Charter School Performance in 16 States, published by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University in June 2009, only 17 percent of charter schools performed better than public schools, 47 percent performed at roughly the same level as public schools, and 37 percent performed worse! In five states, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, New Mexico and Texas, gains in math and reading skills for students in charter schools were significantly worse than for those in public schools.

Given the performance of charter schools, it would seem that the parents who promote them are the ones in real need of an education.