More Evidence Of Teapublican Stupidity.

A new poll by the National Hispanic Media Coalition and Latino Decisions has found that more than 30 percent of non-Hispanics believe most Hispanics are undocumented immigrants.  Hispanics represent 18 percent of the US population.  Yet, of that 18 percent, only 37 percent of Hispanics in the US are actually immigrants.  No one knows how many of those are here illegally.

In fact, many Hispanics are descendants of some of our nation’s very first European settlers.

This misunderstanding wouldn’t have anything to do with Lou Dobbs’ anti-immigrant rants on Fox News Channel would it?  It wouldn’t have anything to do with John “Build The Dang Fence” McCain’s racist campaign during the 2010 elections would it?  Or with Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s, Governor Jan Brewer’s, and Sheriff Paul Babeu’s misinformation campaigns?  Or with Arizona’s “Papers Please” SB 1070 anti-immigrant law?

For the last decade these people and others have verbally assaulted Hispanics and Latinos.  They have targeted Latinos with “sweeps,” pulling over Latino-looking drivers for burned-out tail-lights in hopes of finding someone without documents.  They have selectively raided businesses with Latino workers.

At the same time, they have ignored most of the businesses which exploit immigrants – especially large corporations.  And many of those who are most angry about illegal immigration are among the first to look for Latino day laborers to help with landscaping, roofing and other difficult jobs.

It’s not liberals who have vilified immigrants.  It’s the me-first, angry right.  And Teapublicans wonder why few Latinos and Hispanics vote for them.