Who Does God Root For?

As long as I’m on the subject of Divine intervention in current events, is it true that God is a sports fan? From watching collegiate and professional sports these days, you’d surmise that players believe God is dictating all of the outcomes like some sort of bribe-wielding bookie.

Many of the athletes would have you believe that their success is solely the result of their faith. What’s puzzling is that there appear to be athletes of great faith on every team – at least based on the number of players who point skyward following a touchdown or big play. (And, lately, it seems like that’s the required action after every play.)

God chooses one team to win and the other to lose? Seriously? Is it based on how many players on each team profess their faith? Is it based on the faith of the teams’ management? The faithfulness of the teams’ fans? It’s difficult to tell.

Until God reveals His team loyalties, I guess we’ll have to assume that it doesn’t matter how hard a team prays. Just how hard it plays.