Politics of God.

Is God a Democrat? Or a Teapublican? Teapublicans like Michelle Bachmann would have you believe the latter. After all, she claims that God told her to run for president. But He apparently also told Rick Perry to run. And He’s currently negotiating with Sarah Palin. What kind of confusing message is that?

If He truly wanted a Teapublican to win the White House, wouldn’t He just annoint one of them?

And why would God send an earthquake and hurricane as a message for the Beltway to change as Bachmann suggests? One would think if God really wanted change, He’d just pick out a modern day Moses and carve some new stone tablets rather than send messages like Irene that can so easily be misinterpreted.

Even if you accept that the earthquake and Irene were God’s messages to Washington, D.C., why did God-fearing people in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachussets and Vermont have to suffer?

Of course, Bachmann isn’t the first to push the idea of Divine intervention in politics. The space-alien-like Pat Robertson told his thought-challenged followers that Hurricane Katrina was sent by God in retribution for the Godlessness of New Orleans. More specifically, he said that God felt there were too many gays in the city.

So where does God really stand politically? Does He stand with corporate profits, big money lobbyists and the military-industrial complex? Or does He stand with working people, the poor and the disenfranchised? And if He’s pro-American as so many Christian right-wingers would have us believe, why does He encourage his Teapublican followers to ship jobs overseas to dictatorships populated by non-Christians?

It’s all very confusing.