Run, Sarah, Run!

The One Nation bus tour planned by Sarah Palin beginning this Memorial Day weekend is promising. Combined with news that a new film about the lipsticked pit bull will soon be released in Iowa, it would seem to indicate that the half-witted former half-governor is readying a presidential campaign.

Oh, please, please let it be so!

Palin’s run for president is certain to make the Republican primaries far more entertaining. One can already hear the debates between Palin and Bachmann. Not only are they likely to spew each other with mis-informed blather. They will create jobs by expanding the number of people employed by the fact-checking industry at least ten-fold.

But in our excitement at the prospects, we shouldn’t overlook Rick Santorum. His Google results will do wonders to educate mainstream America about gay sex. Indeed, all of these candidates will enliven the political race which heretofore seemed to echo Dumb and Dumber. But with these candidates, the Republican primaries will more closely parallel Jackass The Movie in 3D.

Now if we can only get The Donald to extract his feet from his mouth so he can jump into the ring…