A Proposed Itinerary for Sarah’s One Nation Tour.

Now that Sarah Palin has announced her One Nation American history tour, I’d like to suggest a few locations for her to visit:

1. – Niagara Falls where she actually can see another country from US soil.
2. – New York City where she can visit the offices of all the newspapers and magazines she hasn’t read. (I hear Katie Couric may be available to lead the tour.)
3. – In New York she should also visit the United Nations where she suspects all those commies are plotting to take over the US.
4. – She should hail a cab in New York and chat with a driver named Ahmed to learn more about the Muslims she seems to fear so much.
5. – Lexington, Massachusetts where she can re-enact the ride of Paul Revere to raise alarms that the Socialists are coming. The Socialists are coming!
6. – Boston where she can talk to residents about the death panels and mandates of Romneycare.
7. – Vermont where she can learn about real socialized medicine which is about to be instituted in the state.
8. – Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson where she can learn that Jefferson, like many other founding fathers, was not Christian.
9. – Washington, DC where she can see the original Constitution. (We can only hope she’ll actually read it sometime.)
10. – Finally, Philadelphia where she can meet the original crackpot of American politics – the Liberty Bell (my apologies to the Liberty Bell).