Mis-Informed, Armed and Dangerous.

I spent part of the day searching through right-wing Web sites – the on-line homes of the American Patriot Party, the teabaggers, even the Republican National Party – and I feel like I need to bathe myself in soap and turpentine to get rid of the slime and stench.

These are people who hate.

They hate President Obama. They hated President Clinton. They hate the government. They hate Democrats. They hate the Left. They hate the Centrists. They hate immigrants. They hate gays.

They hate damn near everyone and everything.

They call themselves patriots, but true patriots don’t hate our government. After all, the government was democratically elected by the majority of voters. (And if you don’t vote, you have willingly conceded your say in the matter.) True patriots don’t hate the court system, the FBI, the ATF, Census takers and even the US Postal Service.

True patriots don’t try to make their point at the end of a gun. They don’t threaten elected officials. They don’t encourage the murder of doctors performing legal abortions. They don’t refuse to pay taxes. They don’t threaten to “take back our country, with force if necessary.” They don’t use hate speech. They don’t talk about “reloading.” They don’t talk about “2nd Amendment remedies.” They don’t talk about “taking out” their political opponents. They don’t hate minorities. And they don’t blame our problems on immigrants.

Uh-oh.  Now I’ve done it.

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