Looking For Anonymity.

When a GOP congressman was asked if he would vote for a “clean” resolution to end the government shutdown, he said, “Sure, I’d vote for it. I think probably 140 of my colleagues would vote for it if it was a secret ballot.”


In other words, GOP representatives are willing to do the right thing as long as nobody finds out! Why? Who are they afraid of? The obvious answer is the Tea Party. Traditional Republicans are terrified by the wacko wing of the party and the billionaire benefactors (aka the Koch brothers) who finance them. Traditional conservatives are now afraid they will be “primaried.”

In other words, they are cowards.

That may seem harsh, but if your actions…or, in this case, inactions…are going to damage the nation and millions of its citizens, shouldn’t you be able to muster enough courage to risk your job? If you know right from wrong, shouldn’t you do the right thing regardless of the consequences? After all, what good is holding onto your job if you’re embarrassed to tell people what you really think?

In reality, such an attitude goes beyond mere cowardice. It’s quite clearly treasonous.

These people were elected to represent their consituents. They took a pledge to uphold the Constitution. So where in the Constitution does it say that you place your job above the nation? Where does it say that you should refuse to fund the government; a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

These same cowards have been led to the edge of a cliff. They have no way forward. But they refuse to retreat…at least not if anyone can see them. So they’re looking for cover. The only question remaining is whether or not they’ll screw up the courage to do the right thing. Or if they’ll follow their wacko leaders off the cliff like lemmings.

Whichever direction they choose, the future of our nation hangs in the balance.