Jesus Lives!

In an example of what passes for journalism these days, today’s website of the Arizona Republic featured a smudge someone had found on the floor of the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. The “reporter” submitted a photo because he/she thought it resembled Jesus.

What was the editor thinking? “Hold the presses! I’ve got Jesus on the floor?”

The photo and accompanying story even displaced news that the Republican-dominated Arizona Legislature voted to expand Medicaid as part of Obamacare.

On the very same day, someone posted a photo of the backside of his dog on Facebook because he thought his dog’s ass looked like Jesus.

Hallelujah and pass the Milkbones!

Although uniquely distasteful, these examples of Rorschach-like displays of faith are nothing new. They’re just the latest in the “I see Jesus” phenomenon. Like Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich, Jesus on toast, Jesus in the clouds, Jesus in a freckle, etc. they’re merely the products of runaway imaginations and wishful thinking.

Yet I worry less about the sanity of the imagineers than of those who choose to report these visions as news or as evidence of true salvation. What’s next? Are the media going to start covering the dreams and hallucinations of drug users as news? Are the true believers going to begin pilgrimages to the dog’s home in order to view its ass? Will they dare to kiss it?