Everyday Terrorism In The US.

To take nothing away from the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, our nation faces a far more deadly form of terrorism every single day.

At latest count, the Boston bombs cost 3 lives and 180 wounded. That’s a horrendous toll and I cry for the victims and their families. But gun violence claims 32 lives every single day! Yet there are no news specials on those victims. No 24-hour news reports. No press conferences. No grilling of terrorism experts. Most of those deaths are treated as little more than a statistic.

Since the murders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, there have been nearly 2,500 gun deaths! But there has been little effort to stop them. Indeed, the NRA and many politicians are arguing for business as usual. No bans on certain types of weapons. No bans on large capacity magazines. No expanded background checks.

The nearly 2,500 gun deaths have been overshadowed by the Boston tragedy, pushing the debate over gun safety to the back burner.

The one bill that may actually reach the floor of the US Senate for a vote is likely to be filibustered by Teapublicans despite support from nearly 90 percent of Americans. Even if it does pass, it is already so watered down as to be of little help. It would expand background checks to most gun shows, but leave a loophole so large you could drive a semi-truck full of assault weapons through it. That’s because the bill, as it currently stands, would exempt gun sales between friends and family members from background checks. And it would exempt sales at rural gun shows if there is no licensed gun dealer nearby.

So if I’m a criminal looking for a gun, I could still buy one from a “friend” on most any street corner in America. Yeah, that’ll work.