Unrestrained Greed.

Our nation is just a few days away from across-the-board austerity cuts that will likely send our fragile economy back into recession…all because the GOP (Guardians Of Privilege) refuse to consider increasing or reforming taxes. The GOP would rather cut programs for the poor, the unemployed, the elderly and the very young than cut subsidies for Big Oil and corporate farming. The GOP refuses to consider increasing taxes that are at historic lows because raising them would “cost jobs.”

Yet thousands more jobs are likely to be lost as the result of austerity.

In reality, the GOP position has little to do with jobs and everything to do with greed. They want to repeal Obamacare so the healthcare industry can maintain its double-digit increases in profits. They want to protect oil and gas subsidies so that companies like Exxon-Mobil can continue to make record profits. They want to further cut regulation for the financial industry so it can steal trillions more from the rest of us.

There is simply no other explanation for the GOP’s “no more tax revenue” stance.

But the Guardians Of Privilege are just a symptom of our culture. The US celebrates greed over hard work in almost every aspect of our society. We treat billionaires as celebrities. We allow corporations to establish patents on genes. We allow pharmaceutical companies to charge us far more than they charge those in other countries. And we fail to prosecute corporate scam artists like the bankers who brought our economy to its knees in 2008.

Greed has even corrupted our sports world. The NBA created “Jordan Rules” for Michael Jordan in order to increase his star power and make the league more money. Long-standing college conferences and rivalries have been torn apart in order to chase more TV revenue. The NCAA plays favorites to make sure traditional basketball and football powers remain on top in order to increase TV ratings and earn more income. And, of course, the officials call games accordingly. 

Greed trumps hard work and fairness in virtually every aspect of our society. It has caused the beneficiaries to feel entitled. And it has generated anger among the rest. Ironically, it drives both sides of the political spectrum. The Tea Party believes government is taking away the things they hold dear. On the other side, the Occupy Movement believes that corporations and the very wealthy are preventing them from reaching their potential.

If you ignore the politics and simply look at the root cause, both sides are right.