The True Measure Of A Great Man.

Few people achieve great things in their chosen professions. Fewer still are capable of teaching others how to achieve those things. And it’s a rare individual who can teach others how to face difficulty, even death, with courage and grace.

Mike Hughes has done all of these things.

Mike is President and former Chief Creative Officer of one of the world’s great advertising agencies, the Martin Agency of Richmond, Virginia. I’ve really only had the privilege of meeting Mike once or twice, sharing stories over a couple of drinks. Nevertheless, I feel I know him well. You see, I’ve followed his work for decades. In the ad business, creative brilliance and integrity shine through the clutter of sameness like a dazzling beacon on the darkest night.

Now Mike is facing mortality with the same gentle good humor and thoughtfulness that he has so often imparted into his advertising. You can read his insights at His doctors have told Mike that his illness is terminal. I know their diagnosis is correct…as mere humans, our death is certain. I just hope Mike’s doctors have the expiration date wrong.

There are far too few men on this Earth with Mike’s ability to make us see things clearly…be it the benefits of owning a product, using a service or dealing with the realities of life and death.

Long live Mike Hughes.