To NRA, Guns Are More Valuable Than People.

Literally! On the anniversary of the Tucson shooting which claimed the lives of six people and seriously wounded others, including Congresswoman “Gabby” Giffords, the City of Tucson conducted a gun buyback. The National Rifle Association not only objected. It vehemently opposed the destruction of the weapons collected. The NRA has even threatened to sue the city based on an AZ state law which has made it illegal to destroy guns that have been confiscated by law enforcement agencies.

Promoted by the NRA, this state law was recently passed by the nitwits in the AZ State Legislature to protect guns – even those used in crimes. The law directs law enforcement agencies to sell the guns to licensed firearms dealers within the state.

In other words, in Arizona, guns now have more rights than people!

If a person commits a deadly crime, he or she may be subject to the death penalty. But the gun used to commit the crime can live on to kill again. Does this make any sense to anyone outside the NRA leadership?

Since Tucson went ahead to destroy the guns collected in its buyback program, saying that they were not confiscated, the NRA has vowed to close the “loophole” in its state law so that no guns may be destroyed by law enforcement. This should tell you everything you need to know about the lunatics running the NRA.

The NRA leadership refuses to entertain any changes in our laws to protect people, like the 6-year-olds who were killed at Sandy Hook. Yet its leaders get their camoflauge panties in a bunch as soon as a gun meets a premature end.