Gavel Envy?

Ever notice Speaker of the House John Boehner’s enormous gavel?

The thing must be a foot and a half long and weigh a couple of pounds. Which leads me to wonder why would he choose to wield a gavel that looks like it belongs to a circus clown, or in a kangaroo court?  Certainly he must be compensating for something. The question is what? Lack of manhood? Lack of power?

Personally, I’m betting on both.

Boehner is on record as saying his job is the worst job in Congress. Given the fact that he doesn’t believe in compromise (he can’t even bring himself to say the word), it’s little wonder he finds the job so difficult. Yet, when he had the opportunity to hand his oversize gavel to someone else, his oversize ego wouldn’t let that happen. So here we are, back to 2010 all over again; a recalcitrant House majority with an uncompromising leader who says he will no longer negotiate with the president. What could possibly go wrong?

The 112th Congress finished with approval ratings hovering around 10 percent. With the Tea Party caucus and Boehner’s leadership, the 113th could reach zero.