Teapublican Echo Chamber.

A recent email from the US Chamber of Commerce listed its preferred “pro-business” candidates for the US Senate.  Not surprisingly, every single recommended candidate was a Teapublican.

That’s not because Democrats are anti-business.  They’re most certainly not.

It’s because the US Chamber of Commerce is little more than a highly partisan Political Action Committee that supports large, multi-national corporations and the Republican Party.  It spends member fees to lower taxes and cut regulations for multi-nationals.  It pushes for fewer obstacles to international trade.  And it lobbies almost exclusively on behalf of multi-nationals.

These things do nothing to benefit the small businesses on Main Street.  In fact, for small businesses, they cause more harm than good.

So if you own a small business, ask yourself:  What do I really get out of membership to the Chamber aside from the occasional mixer and a certificate to hang on the wall?  If the answer is, as I suspect, nothing, take a moment before you write that next membership check.  Why pay membership fees that will be used to work against your self-interests?

Wouldn’t you be better off saving the money to join the Rotary or the Lions Club, instead?