Most Problems With Government Are Local.

It is said that all politics are local.  The same could be said for government interference.  While Teapublicans rage at the federal government for “over-regulation,” the truth is that most federal regulation is necessary.  As with most everything else, the Tea Party’s anger is misguided.

Without the EPA, our rivers would still be on fire, our drinking water would be filled with chemicals, and the simple act of breathing would life-threatening.  Without the FDA, packaged food companies might still be peddling unsafe meats and food additives.   Without the National Transportation and Safety Department, our cars might still be unsafe at any speed.  And without the FAA, airlines might feel free to cut corners on aircraft maintenance.

I think you’d agree that most federal government regulations are necessary, and they don’t really threaten job creation.

Most federal programs are surprisingly efficient.  Medicare is more cost-efficient than private health insurance.  Social Security spends a small percent of its budget for administrative costs.

It’s much different at the local level where red tape and burdensome regulations abound.  Want to build a manufacturing plant?  You need to wade through city, county and state governments to do that.  Want to open a retail store?  Welcome to the licensing and zoning commission.  Want to rent out the basement of your home?  You need to check zoning laws and buy a license for that.

There’s an old saying that you can’t fight City Hall.  There’s a reason it doesn’t mention Washington.

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