A Few Questions For The NRA.

Following a series of mass shootings, I’d like to know how members of the National “Rifle” Association feel.  Are they satisfied that military-style assault weapons are now readily available to every disturbed lunatic who has the money to buy them?

Do they feel anything when they see bloody corpses of innocent people lying on the floor of high schools and universities, on the cement in grocery parking lots, on the floor of a theater…even lying on the floor of a church?

Do they feel pride that gun sales peak after each mass shooting?

Do they still want to allow the unrestricted sale of silencers and night vision scopes?  Do they still want even higher-capacity magazines?

Truth is, all NRA members have the blood of innocents on their hands.  Lots of it.  Without NRA-sponsored laws in all 50 states, few people would be packing.  Assault weapons and high capacity magazines would be prohibited.  There would be thorough background checks and mandatory training for gun buyers, even at gun shows.

Without NRA-sponsored laws, fewer people would feel the need to carry guns, fewer lunatics and criminals would own them, and fewer people would live in fear.

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