“Rampant” Voter Fraud?

Teapublicans claim to be concerned about vote integrity.  So, in order to assure everyone that there is not massive voter fraud, they have passed strict voter ID laws in a number of states – primarily so-called “battleground” states.  In doing so, they are forcing tens of thousands of voters to seek new photo IDs.

A lesser known Teapublican tactic is to restrict voting hours and the number of days for early voting.  In Ohio, Teapublicans have eliminated Sunday voting, which has been highly popular amongst African-American voters.  In response to the predictable outcry, the Ohio Secretary of State said there should be no special accommodation of any group of voters (especially those who are most likely to vote for President Obama).

In summation, Teapublicans are so concerned about the sanctity of our right to vote that they are willing to keep tens of thousands from exercising that right.

To explain their actions, Teapublicans have cited voter fraud.  They use anecdotal evidence that felons, dead people and non-citizens have voted.  That prompted investigative reporters to examine the facts.  News21, a Carnegie-Knight investigative reporting project, found just 10 cases of alleged in-person voter impersonation since 2000.  10 cases out of 146 million registered voters!

Those numbers tend to be supported by an investigation by the Bush administration which found only 86 cases of alleged fraud out of 300 million votes cast.  (Of course, the administration did not report on the voter suppression and voter fraud in 2000 that gave Bush the presidency in Florida.)

Teapublicans say they aren’t trying to suppress the vote.  They say one incident of voter fraud is too many because it could affect the outcome of an election.  Who do they think they’re kidding?

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