Romney’s International Policy Experience.

For months, Democrats have touted the foreign policy expertise of President Obama.  Sure, he ended the war in Iraq and ordered the capture or killing of Osama bin Laden.  But that pales compared to Mitt Romney’s international experience.

True, Mitt hasn’t dealt with any foreign leaders, but he “saved” the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and he has years of experience dealing with foreign banks.  He not only had a Swiss bank account.  He owned several shell corporations in the Bahamas, bank accounts in Luxembourg and more bank accounts in Grand Cayman.

Of course, as a multi-millionaire, Romney is a highly-experienced international traveler.  There’s hardly a resort in the world that he hasn’t visited.  Moreover, while heading Bain Capital, Romney outsourced American jobs to China.

We’ve also learned that Mitt founded Bain Capital with funds from powerful families in Central America; the same families who controlled death squads in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

So take that, Democrats.  When it comes to experience with foreign currency, Romney is practically another Henry Kissinger.