Maybe Gun Control Advocates Should Follow The Lead Of Abortion Foes.

Both abortions and gun ownership are guaranteed by the Supreme Court of the United States.  But that hasn’t stopped abortion foes from challenging the law at every opportunity.

It hasn’t stopped them from creating a host of restrictions that have all but ended abortions in several states.  It hasn’t stopped them from creating lengthy waiting periods in order to “educate” patients about the horrors of abortion.

So why not do the same with gun nuts?

We could make a list of the names, addresses and phone numbers of the leaders of the National Rifle Association and pro-gun legislators.  We could write legislation to ban ownership of certain types of weapons.  We could create lengthy waiting periods for gun purchases in order to show prospective buyers the horrors of Columbine, Tucson and Aurora.

We could show them statistics for gun violence.  We could show them photographs of those who were murdered by their own guns.  We could show them cities and neighborhoods that have been destroyed by gun violence.  We could cut off all federal funding and tax loopholes for gun manufacturers.

After all, isn’t gun control also pro-life?