“Believe In America.”

That’s the slogan for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Believe in America?  Really, Mitt?

Is that why you bought US companies and outsourced their jobs to China, Mitt?  Is that why you stashed most of your money in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands?  Did you invest in those tax havens instead of the US because you believe in America?

What of your secretive Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors, Ltd in Bermuda?  Did you create that offshore tax shelter because you believe in America?

What of your feeder tax havens in which you funnel money into the US so that you can skip the usual tax, disclosure and regulatory requirements you’d face if you invested directly in the US?  What of your investments in blocker corporations in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere allowing you to escape the Unrelated Business Income Tax?

Is that what people who believe in America do?

If you believe in America, Mitt, why are you taking campaign contributions from places like London and Macao?

I believe in America, Mitt.  But after looking at your business career and listening to your ever-changing opinions and excuses, I don’t believe in you.