Three Explanations for Romney’s Claim He Doesn’t Remember Cruelty.

Recently, several of Mitt Romney’s high school friends recounted an event in which they held down a gay classmate at their Michigan private school while Romney hacked off the terrified student’s bleached blond locks.

Certainly, most of us do dumb things as teenagers. And most of us never forget them. I did and said some terribly cruel things as a teen to prove that I belonged with the “in” crowd. I remember each of them vividly and I have long regretted them. Indeed, I wish I could meet with the victims of my cruelty and beg for their forgiveness.

Yet what I did pales in comparison to Mr. Romney’s reported actions.

So when Romney says that he doesn’t recall the incident, what are the possible explanations for his memory failure?

1 – His classmates are lying.

2 – He’s lying.

3 – He committed so many cruel acts that he can’t single out just one.

Since the story has been corroborated by at least five former classmates, we can logically rule out number one. That leaves only two options. Both are an indictment of Mitt Romney’s character.  And both should disqualify him from becoming President of the United States.