How Teapublicans Win.

What happens when you combine the least educated and least curious portion of our electorate with the most selfish and greedy?  What happens when those people are guided by the religious certainty that the Earth is 6,000 years old and that the destruction of our planet will only hasten their opportunity to ride in the golden chariot to heaven?  What happens when they’re led by people who are willing to tell any lie and embrace any falsehood to be elected?

The result is today’s Republican Party.

Of course, they’ll never admit it.  According to Teapublicans, they’re simply trying to rescue America from socialists, communists, fascists and other undesireables such as Democrats, women, school teachers, government workers, labor unions, immigrants, gays, lesbians, transgenders, people of color, and the poor.  I’m sure there are many other “enemies,” but I don’t know what’s inside the minds of Teapublicans.  And, given the ugliness of their rhetoric, I certainly don’t want to peek inside!

The reality is that Teapublican leaders want their followers to fear their neighbors, so they won’t notice the big money interests pulling the strings behind the curtain.  They’re quite literally rigging the system and walking off with the money.  They’ve pushed their tax burden onto the already overburdened middle class.  They collect billions in government contracts and subsidies. And by gaining control of the Supreme Court, they’ve usurped even more control of our political system.

Now they’re out to undermine Social Security and Medicare.  The end result will be to give large financial institutions and insurance companies (both controlled by Wall Street) access to still more of our money.

If more people recognized what’s going on, Teapublicans would never again win an election.  They can’t win based on an open discussion of ideas and truth.  They can only win through a combination of lies, intimidation, dirty tricks and fear.

This year, they are led by a candidate who quite blythely says today what is in direct contradiction with what he said yesterday.  And his followers eat it up.  They’ve manufactured the usual number of straw dogs to excite their base and intimidate opponents, such as ballot measures designed to appeal to their religious base in order to incite more campaigning from the pulpit.  They’ve created PACs and Super PACs with tens of millions in anonymous money to buy votes.  And they are well on their way to repressing minority votes through new voter ID laws.

We’ve seen it all before…in 2000, 2004 and 2010.  And with each passing election cycle, the conversation leans further to the right and ordinary citizens lose a little more control of our country.