Shaking A Fist At God?

According to evangelist Franklin Graham, that’s what President Obama did by recognizing gay marriage.  Seriously?  Accepting the right for anyone to love the partner of their choice is an affront to God?  But denying basic human rights to your fellow man isn’t?  Hmmm…What would Jesus think?

I was raised in church and I remember a few things from those days.  If I’m not sadly mistaken, the Bible says something like “Love your neighbor as yourself?”  Didn’t Christ also say something like, “Whatsoever you do unto the least of my people…you do unto me?”  And wasn’t there something about “Judge not, that ye not be judged?”

I don’t mean to be picky, but isn’t Franklin Graham the same person who gushed about meeting former President George W. Bush?  The president who ordered the invasion of Iraq resulting in the unnecessary deaths and maimings of thousands of innocent people?  Isn’t he the same president who renamed torture “enhanced interrogation?”

I’m not the son of a famous televangelist and I’m not a pastor, but in God’s eyes, is not murder, torture and mayhem somewhat more serious than speaking out in favor of gay marriage?

Yet I’ve never heard Mr. Graham condemn President Bush in the same way he condemned President Obama.

I guess I’m resorting to judging another, but if recognizing the basic rights of others is shaking a fist at God, then I have two fists in the air; one with the middle finger extended to Mr. Graham.