Road Rage, Arizona-Style.

Road rage incidents have become commonplace in every state. But in Arizona, where guns are viewed as a fashion accessory, such incidents can be particularly deadly.

For example, two years ago, a worker operating a photo radar unit was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting by a driver who simply disliked the method of traffic enforcement. Although the reason for that incident was unique, there have been many other road rage shootings across the state that are just as senseless.

Most recently, a 59-year-old attorney in Scottsdale shot and killed a 50-year-old husband and father over an incident that allegedly began when the attorney sped up to make a green light and the victim inadvertantly blocked him.  That may not seem like a life-threatening action in most places. But in Arizona anything that displeases one of our gun-slinging Wyatt Earp wannabes is a shootin’ offense.

What followed the missed green light is unclear. But we do know that the two drivers ended up in a pharmacy parking lot. When the shooting victim approached the attorney’s car, the attorney shot him in the chest, fatally wounding him. 

Now we come to what sets our rootin’, tootin’ state apart.  The attorney was arrested for second-degree murder, but the charge has been dropped “pending further investigation.” You see, a few years ago, the Teapublican-dominated legislature passed a law giving cars the same “domain” status as homes. So anyone who feels that his or her car is in danger of being invaded can shoot without consequences. It’s a matter of “self-defense.”

Never mind that you can simply put the car in gear and drive away when threatened. Never mind that you could avoid the confrontation by not stopping in the first place. Never mind that you can drive to the nearest police station to assure your safety.

What’s the fun in that? After all, Arizonans not only like to carry guns. Many of our Second Amendment-citing citizens like to use them.