More Political Bullying In Arizona.

If you think Teapublicans have run amok in Washington or in states like Alabama, Ohio and Wisconsin, nothing compares to the political lunacy of Arizona.

This is the state that refused to acknowledge a Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. It’s home to the so-called “nation’s toughest sheriff” who houses prisoners in tents in the middle of the desert and feeds them baloney sandwiches for every meal all the while misspending millions of his county’s budget.

It’s a state where handguns are a more common wardrobe accessory than wristwatches. It’s home to chronic liars John “McNasty” McCain and Jon Kyl. And it’s the state that introduced the Latino-bashing SB1070 anti-immigration bill.

Despite the apparent runaway lunacy, voter registration in the state is surprisingly reasonable. It’s almost equally divided between Teapublicans, Democrats and Independents. Yet, through a combination of vilifying immigrants, scare tactics and outright bullying, Teapublicans control virtually every major state office and hold a super-majority in the legislature.

Now that they’ve attained a death grip on state politics, Teapublicans are not about to let go. Which brings us to their latest shenanigan.

In the midst of the voter redistricting process dictated by the latest census, the self-proclaimed “scorpion-eating” Governor Jan Brewer called for impeachment of the chair of the Independent Redistricting Commission for “gross misconduct.” Of course, the Teapublican-dominated Senate went along with her recommendation thus removing the “I” from the IRC.

It seems Brewer and the Teapublicans were not satisfied with the proposed redistricting maps that would allow them to retain a majority of Congressional representatives, and all but guarantee Teapublican dominance of 16 of 30 legislative districts!

In Arizona, that’s what constitutes “gross misconduct” if you’re not a Teapublican.