Teapublican Lie #23.

“President Obama is not an American Citizen.”

The fact that any of us feel compelled to address this idiocy after more than 3 years of intense investigation is sad.  Yet this nonsense continues to pervade the ethernet. 

Never mind that the Federal Election Commission accepted President Obama’s birth certificate as evidence of his citizenship.  Never mind that the Hawaii governor, Hawaii secretary of state and virtually every other Hawaiian leader have certified his citizenship and proudly proclaim that he was born in Hawaii.  Never mind that there are archival birth notices in Hawaii newspapers announcing the birth of Barack Hussein Obama in a Honolulu hospital.  Never mind that the Republican Party, Tea Party leaders, media reporters, and right wing lunatics have spent millions in attempts to investigate claims that he was born elsewhere.

There is not one shred of proof that President Obama is not an American citizen.  Not one!  Yet Teapublicans continue to raise the question.

One has to ask why.

I believe the answer is simple.  If Teapublicans can delude themselves into thinking President Obama is not a citizen, then he is not really our president.  Therefore, they don’t have to respect him or anything he says.  They can tell themselves that he was elected only as the result of imaginary voter fraud by Acorn and inner city “thugs.”  They can tell themselves that all of our nation’s problems are the result of the policies of this “foreign born” interloper.

If this is how they react following Obama’s election by an overwhelming majority, imagine what they’ll do when he’s re-elected.