Teapublican Lie #18.

“The wealthiest Americans pay a disproportionate share of federal taxes.”

Seriously? That’s the crapola they want us to believe?

To counter President Obama’s plan to pay for his Jobs Act by raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, Teapublicans have gone on the offensive (Yeah, I know, they were already offensive enough) to protect the wealth of their political puppeteers. Through a series of appearances on Sunday morning talk shows, they point to data from the Tax Policy Center showing that the top 1 percent of Americans pays 38 percent of federal income taxes.

Assuming that data is correct, it actually disproves the Teapublicans’ point. After all, by most estimates, the top 1 percent controls more than 39 percent of the nation’s financial wealth (excluding their multi-million dollar homes, high-priced cars, etc.). Therefore, the top 1 percent is actually paying less than its share of federal taxes. And, thanks to Teapublicans, the share of income paid in taxes by the 400 richest Americans has fallen by nearly 40 percent, even as their incomes have approximately quadrupled!

It’s good to be rich. Especially in Teapublican America.