Teapublican Lie #11.

“Obama is anti-business.”

Since Obama was elected president, the stock markets are up more than 31 percent and profits for large corporations are at all time highs.

That’s anti-business?

When CNBC’s Jim Cramer was interviewed on Hardball with Chris Matthews, he said he couldn’t understand why big corporations hate Obama. He said he asked corporations what they dislike. They mentioned taxes and regulations, but taxes under Obama are the same as they were when Bush was in office. And they couldn’t name a single regulation they want changed.

“There’s never been a better guy in Treasury than Tim Geithner,” Cramer said. “I really don’t understand why they don’t like Obama. They just don’t.”

Cramer may not know. But I think I can tell you why big corporations don’t like Obama. He hasn’t sold out to them like Teapublicans have. And like most Democrats, he still represents working people and the middle class.