Teapublican Lie #4.

“The national debt was created by President Obama.”

I’ve addressed this figment of the Teapublican imagination before. They know it’s a lie, but they’re fond of saying it anyway. Indeed, they’re fond of blaming President Obama for everything bad and taking credit for everything good.

Who created the Great Recession? According to Teapublicans, it wasn’t Bush. It was Obama.

Who’s responsible for the high unemployment rate? Why Obama, of course, even though 8 million jobs were lost on Bush’s watch while the Obama administration has overseen a net increase in jobs.

Who was responsible for tracking down Osama bin Laden? According to Teapublicans it was certainly not Obama. Bin Laden’s death was the direct result of Bush/Cheney policies. You’ve heard all these lies and more.

Now, back to the national debt:

No less an authority than Bruce Bartlett, Ronald Reagan’s former policy adviser, has said that of the more than $14 trillion national debt, more than $7 trillion is a direct result of George W. Bush’s policies – most especially his tax cuts and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Only $1.4 trillion is the result of President Obama’s attempts to get our economy moving in the right direction! The remainder can be credited to all of the presidents prior to Bush.

I’ll finish by quoting David Stockman, Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget who began a NY Times op-ed by stating, “How my GOP destroyed the US economy.”

Apparently, at least some Republicans are willing to speak the truth.