If Other Species Can’t Survive On Our Planet, What Makes Humans Think We Can?

This October, our planet’s human population is set to exceed 7 billion. At the same time, thousands of species are facing extinction. In fact, scientists tell us that over half of the world’s living creatures may become extinct over the next century.

That’s shocking enough. But even more shocking is our ambivalence toward these facts.

What makes us think that we can continue to consume the Earth’s forests, destroy the oceans’ reefs, build coal-fired generating plants that belch poisons into the air, and generally trash our environment without consequences to our own survival? What makes us think that we can continue to rely on fossil fuels to power our extravagant lifestyles?

To some, the environmental crisis is simply too big to ponder.  Others would rather focus their outrage on celebrity antics or the latest sensational trial on TV. And millions of others actually welcome the end times because they’re convinced that an angel will swoop out of the sky and take them to heaven in a golden chariot as a reward for their righteousness.

If that’s your belief, I’d like to ask:  If God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden for taking a bite out of an apple, what will He do to those who have trashed the entire planet?

It’s time to take climate change and our environment seriously.