The Tee Hee Party. Making Politics Laughable.

If the consequences weren’t so very serious, the nonsensical ramblings of the Tea Party would be great comic theater.  Certainly the Teapublicans have provided us with some of the best political comedy ever.  Witness Saturday Night Live’s repeated skewering of half-governor Sarah Palin.  The commercials for “I’m Not A Witch” Christine O’Donnell and for the chicken-bartering Sharron Angle.  The Google results for Rick Santorum.  Or the snickers whenever Michelle Bachmann exposes her utter lack of knowledge of anything.

But in between all of our belly laughs, we really should be crying.  Because the sad fact is that these lunatics are in control of the US House of Representatives for another year and a half.

These are people who don’t know the difference between a deficit and a debt.  People who believe that the only way to balance a budget is through draconian cuts.  People who believe that those cuts will not create higher unemployment.  People who have deluded themselves into believing that causing our President to fail will not cause harm to our nation!

They believe this because they’re either too rich or too stupid to worry. 

Yes, we truly are witnessing a tragic comedy.  And the most tragic thing of all is that we’re all responsible for electing these people, either through action or apathy.