The Disney Effect

It’s estimated that Great Britain’s royal wedding cost nearly $50 million and that billions of people tuned in to see the royal dress and to watch “the kiss”.  Now, I understand that every little girl grows up dreaming of becoming a princess and marrying Prince Charming.  We have Cinderella and a number of other Disney classics to thank for that.

But, seriously, do you realize what $50 million could do to help eliminate world hunger? Or how much it could help in finding a cure for disease?

What’s particularly puzzling is the fascination for everything royal in the U.S.  Why should we care about a wedding involving a family “across the pond” whose only real accomplishment is to find ways to spend the money that has been passed down for generations? After all, I thought we fought a revolution to end their influence on us.

Oh well, I suppose every little girl has a right to dream.