Body Armor For Teachers.

Now that Arizona and several other states are well on the way to permitting (nay demanding) guns in public places, including college campuses, it doesn’t take much imagination to see into the future.  All professors will be issued body armor along with the keys to their classrooms.  Lecterns will be outfitted with bulletproof glass. Grades will be based on who draws a gun first – the teacher or the student.  And graduating with honors will be determined by the caliber of the student’s sidearm.

What about the impact of firearms on the college social scene?  Will football games be followed by shootouts?  Will the NCAA include target-shooting as a varsity sport?  And what of dating?  Does “no” still mean “no” if the unwanted suitor is armed?If these laws would have been passed before the attack on Congresswoman Giffords, it’s likely that her attacker would have unloaded his 33-shot magazines on the Pima Community College campus.  After all, he spent weeks railing against the college and shooting videos.  Had the new gun law been in effect, he might have been encouraged to view his professors and students as targets.

What will it take for U.S. citizens to realize how dangerous the NRA-sponsored gun laws can be?  Where will it stop?  Will we eventually allow citizens to own artillery?  Tanks?  Nukes?  It’s entirely possible.  We seem to ignore the hundreds of gun deaths each year.  We decry the gun violence of Mexican drug cartels, but refuse to tighten laws governing the sale of guns at gun shows which allow the cartels to easily arm themselves.  Indeed, we have more regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles than guns.

What a country!