The Corporate Takeover Of Political Funding.

Quick.  Tell me which political contributions are most scruitnized by our government:  Individual contributions of $20 or less to candidates?  Or multi-million dollar gifts from corporations to political action committees?

If you guessed the latter, you’re wrong.

Political parties, local clubs and individual candidates are required to account for every political donation to the penny.  On the other hand, political action committees such as those created by Karl Rove to attack Democratic candidates don’t even have to disclose the sources of tens of millions in contributions.

What’s wrong with that picture? 

In the Citizens United case, the Republican appointees to the Supreme Court of the United States overturned decades of legal precedent to rule that corporations have the same rights as individuals.  Yet, in the political arena, corporations now enjoy the privilege of spending as much as they want to influence elections without disclosing their contributions.  And how many large corporations are run by Democrat-leaning CEOs?

Unless you’re an executive of a large corporation or a Republican running for office, you have reason to be concerned.  Very concerned!