Who Left The Asylum Doors Open?

In a letter to the Arizona Republic, a Democratic voter stated that he was going to vote a straight Republican ticket. His reasoning was that he was tired of the Republican whining and wanted to give Republicans the opportunity to fix the economy themselves. What genius! Let’s reward the very people who created this mess in the first place. At the same time, let’s penalize the people who have spent the past two years trying to fix it.

I now think I’ve read and seen it all this election season. Candidates who recommend the bartering of chickens for health care services instead of “Obamacare.” Candidates who consider the minimum wage and unemployment insurance unconstitutional. A candidate who dresses up in Nazi uniforms. A candidate who wants to abolish public schools. A candidate who thinks civil rights is a bad idea. Candidates who want to limit the vote to landowners. A whole host of candidates who want to solve our deficit problems by giving billions more in tax breaks to the nation’s wealthiest people. And a candidate who has to run a commercial saying “I am not a witch.”

These are the people the letter writer wants to fix our economy?

I guess Arizona’s education system is even worse than I thought!