Beware The “Pledge To America”

Republicans have just announced their new “Pledge to America” in an attempt to persuade independent voters to put them back in power.

Among other things, they promise to repeal “Obamacare” (leaving 33 million Americans without access to health care), reduce the deficit (which was largely created by Bush and Reagan), cut taxes (for corporations and the wealthy) and cut the size of government (so more Republican-led corporations can get government contracts to provide services at higher cost). They also pledge to cut all government funding for abortions (as if such a thing still existed).

What they fail to mention is that they also intend to privatize or eliminate Social Security (because homeless seniors are so entertaining), eliminate Medicare (because funding health care for those who are 65-plus is obviously a waste of money), eliminate unemployment insurance (if workers were any good, they wouldn’t be laid off), and ban gay marriage (only heterosexual Christian Americans should enjoy the full privileges of citizenship).

Before you join Republicans in taking the pledge, remember what happened the last time they were in charge. They immersed the nation in an unnecessary war costing more than $3 trillion.  And their policies of deregulation led to massive deficits, a run-up in oil prices, an ecological disaster in the Gulf, and the collapse of financial institutions which created the worst economy since the 1930s.

Based on those facts alone, I suggest we all take a different pledge – to never vote for a Republican again!