Snarky Palin good at criticizing. Not so good at leading.

Palin’s speech before a Tea Party convention of hundreds clearly points out two things.  One, Palin is really good at delivering snide criticisms of the political left.  Witness her comment directed toward President Obama, “How’s that hope-y, change-y thing working out for you?” 

It was a typically snide Palin comment sure to excite the anti-Obama, anti-progressive, anti-government, anti-everything crowd.  (In other words, the Fox News Channel viewers.)

In a Sunday morning interview on Fox, Palin broadly hinted at her candidacy for president in 2012.  It’s a candidacy unlikely to go very far, which brings me to my second point.  Palin has shown absolutely no ability to lead.  Yes, she has become the de facto leader of the rabble who call themselves the Tea Party.  And it’s true that she served as mayor of a small town in Alaska.  But almost anyone with a pulse could serve in such a capacity. 

The true test of her abilities became apparent after she was elected to the office of governor.  In that office, as demonstrated by recently released emails, she apparently spent much of her time looking for ways to defraud the state of Alaska into paying for travel for her family and rent for her personal home.  In addition, she took nearly 6 months off to run as McCain’s vice-presidential candidate.  During that time, it seems her only official acts as governor were to defend herself against a large number of ethics complaints – many of which were confirmed.  Then, after achieving some notoriety during the campaign, she quit the office for a book-signing tour of a book she didn’t even write.  More recently, it was revealed that she pirated funds from her Political Action Committee in order to purchase a large number of her books.

It has long been said that un-informed voters get the government they deserve.  Keeping that in mind, if Palin ever becomes president, or even a congresswoman, U.S. voters will deserve the disaster that’s sure to follow.