American terrorists.

What if I told you that there’s an organization in America that’s responsible for more than 30,000 deaths a year?  That’s nearly ten times the number of people who died in the attacks of 9/11.  And what if that organization was responsible for tens of thousands more deaths overseas from 2003 through 2008?  Would you want to declare war on such an organization?  Would you commit trillions of dollars to defeat it as we have to defeat al Qaeda? 

Would you be willing to disrupt and refashion an entire industry as we have transportation?  Would you expect to make individual sacrifices to defeat such an organization? 

Now, what if I told you that you could defeat these terrorists for much less?  What if you could defeat them merely by speaking out and committing a few dollars a year to benefit yourself?  What if your efforts not only saved lives; maybe your own; but also saved your hard-earned money? 

It’s possible.

All you have to do is to force Republican Senators and Representatives to accept a nationalized health care program.  They don’t even have to vote for it.  Most Democrats are willing to push it through themselves and they could if they didn’t have to worry about achieving a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

That act, of creating nationalized health care, could eventually save millions of American citizens.  It could save many more from bankruptcy as a result of serious illness.  It could save many of our small businesses, corporations, and even our state, county and city governments from financial ruin.  It could save hundreds of thousands of jobs and create many more.

So far, American citizens like you have been willing to spend “whatever it takes” to kill or capture al Qaeda members and stop them from killing more Americans.  Why wouldn’t you spend a few minutes calling your elected officials to save your neighbors, your friends, your family or yourself?