U.S. may soon be governed by a 3-party system.

Democrats, Republicans and lunatics.

A new poll by NBC and The Wall Street Journal shows that the Tea Party is now more popular than both Republicans and Democrats.  The question is why.  What have the Tea Partiers done besides gather in relatively small noisy groups and wave obnoxious, racist signs?  Have the Tea Party leaders offered any suggestions to improve American lives?  Have they any recommendations to help those without health care?  Have they offered any real solutions for putting Americans back to work?  Have they put forward any regulations to reign in the greed on Wall Street?

You already know the answer.  The Tea Party leaders have nothing to offer but anger, accusations and snide remarks.  But they are dangerous.  Can you, for a hideous moment, imagine an administration led by President Palin and Vice-President Glenn Beck?  Can you even entertain the thought of Michelle Bachmann as Speaker of the House? 

Some people believe that, because the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, there will be an apocalyptic disaster that will mark the end of civilization.  I have never subscribed to that theory.  But if the Tea Party grows in popularity and American voters stupidly elect Sarah Palin as President in 2012, the theory may well prove to be true.