Michelle Bachmann’s great big Washington adventure.

Last week, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann orchestrated a “press conference” on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to show the outrage of ordinary citizens toward health care reform.  She wanted her followers to express their anger and “see the whites of lawmaker’s eyes.”  Dozens attended – all white, angry and stupid.  These people displayed their character by holding signs likening health care reform to the holocaust and to 9/11.  They held signs that were blatantly racist.  And of course, there were lots of signs picturing guns or talking about guns.

Do these people, as Bachmann and Fox News would have you believe, represent a cross-section of ordinary Americans?  Let’s hope not.  I suspect that they more closely resemble a cross-section of the Aryan Nation.

Whoever or whatever they represent, it’s apparent that these people simply are not capable of grasping complicated issues such as health care reform.  And it’s obvious that all that thinking is creating some mental distress.  I understand Michelle and her husband own some sort of mental health facility in Minnesota.  (Isn’t that just deliciously ironic?)  Perhaps she should consider holding her next event there.  It seems like she and her followers could all use some counseling and a time out.