The Truth About The Great “Job Creator.”

Former Governor and current Panderer-In-Chief, Mitt Romney, claims that he has the experience to put our economy on the fast track.  The question is, the fast track to where?

In his 15 years at Bain Capital, Romney made tens of millions by buying companies and dismantling them, or firing employees and outsourcing jobs to China.  Indeed, according to a story published in Vanity Fair, Bain itself found that during the period of 2002 to 2007, there is “little evidence that private equity owners, overall, added value” to the companies they took over.  Instead, the company found that most of its profits were the result of overall economic growth, rising stock markets and leverage.

More disturbing, the Vanity Fair article found that Romney used every conceivable trick to avoid paying federal income taxes.  Not only did he stash money in a secret Swiss bank account.  He stashed an estimated $30 million in Bain Capital Funds in the Cayman Islands.  In another questionable transaction, he shifted funds to his wife’s name in order to avoid taxes.  There’s even the mystery of how Romney’s IRA, with contribution ceilings of $2,000 per year for 15 years, now contains up to $102 million!

So, while most Americans play by the rules and pay up to 35 percent of their income in taxes, the great “Job Creator” deposited millions off-shore in order to avoid paying taxes to the country he wants to run?  And in the process, he destroyed American companies and jobs?

If this man collects a single vote from an ordinary working American, that’s one more than he deserves.